Aspire International Indian School

Creative Children International School

The Creative Children International School (CCIS) offers tailored educational programs aimed at primary care for students with special needs and disabilities requiring specialised learning. This includes Early Intervention Programs, Brigance Curriculum, TEACCH, as well as our Montessori and Portage programs. These systems focus primarily on developing the skills of disabled children, helping to improve their cognitive abilities, communication, personal autonomy, family involvement, skill development and more.

The school hosts psychology and occupational departments, as well as physical and speech therapy departments. This provides every student a well-rounded developmental support system that covers a range of care approaches.

CCIS is also fitted with contemporary computer labs, tablets, as well as interactive smart boards and projectors for regular classroom use. Secure technologies are also in place in the school’s administrative operations, as well as in both online and on-site security.

Canadian Bilingual School

The Canadian Bilingual School (CBS), offers an educational environment for K-12 students where children can develop their innate skills and discover more about themselves. Through the school’s 12-year tenure, it has developed an accredited academic structure from the Middle States Association (MSA). And because of this, has created an effective, supportive and safe environment for its pupils.

Students develop independence as well as teamwork skills, alongside regular growth in their creative thinking and problem solving abilities. The school follows a modified Ontario curriculum from Canada, and is well equipped with facilities and amenities such as play and sports areas, computer labs, and a library.

CBS offers teaching for many age groups, including early developmental elementary school, further developmental high school, as well as extracurricular programs and after-school intervention support through English as a Second Language (ESL).

Indian Central School

The Indian Central School (ICS) offers education to students from Lower Kindergarten to 12th Standard and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. Focused on an integration-based approach to teaching—one that is based on mind, body and soul—that supplies students with a versatile and wide reaching education.

ICS began its goal of providing quality education on 1st August 1994. Over the subsequent years the school’s education status rose, and by 1999 the school had its first batch of Senior Secondary examinations. Throughout its history, the school has seen consistently excellent results, which are still upheld today.

TMC Group took over ownership and management of this school in July 2019. ICS is a progressive school with respect for culture, literature and education, and holds membership to the council of CBSE affiliated schools. ICS continues to build on its reputable success by being an excellent destination for academics, sports, spiritual education and the building of children’s character.

Pakistan English School and College

The Pakistan English School and College (PES) was established in 1995 and has maintained its affiliation from the British Council over its history. It offers education for students in Lower Kindergarten through to Grade 12. From Kindergarten to Grade 8, the school uses the Oxford syllabus and from Grade 9 onwards students are offered the choice between IGCSE and FBISE.

Throughout its operation, the school has produced several children who have become invaluable members of their community. Since July 2019, the school has been under the ownership and management of TMC Group, utilising the company’s 16 years of experience.

The school hosts a range of facilities and student resources at its campus, including well-stocked classrooms, communal spaces, technology rooms as well as sports facilities for football and basketball.

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