Corporate Social Responsibility

Our students are the future of Kuwait and the communities in which they live. We believe it is important for our students develop an innate sense of moral obligation, where they contribute positively to society and actively participate in reducing their environmental footprint. We have three overarching goals for corporate social responsibility (CSR) that are practiced across our group of schools by various stakeholders.

Goal 1: Creating Communities Communities are a vital part of any successful learning environment. That is why one of our primary goals is to help create strong community bonds. By bringing people of all ages, disabilities, nationalities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds together, we can create connections between separate groups so that common objectives can be achieved. Within our communities we are also poised to help individuals develop healthy lifestyles through the promotion of adequate physical activity, positive mental well-being and wise food choices.
Goal 2: Nurturing the Environment We believe that children should be educated on their relationship with the environment. For this reason, we have dedicated one of our primary goals to environmental awareness. Similarly, we also prioritise teaching children their role within the world, namely, how each child can contribute to a better environment by not using excessive amounts of resources.
Goal 3: Volunteering Opportunities Lastly, our third goal is to encourage and increase student volunteering throughout multiple different sectors. By providing students with opportunities where they can make use of their talents, they will be taught the benefits of philanthropic efforts and worthwhile causes. These opportunities for volunteerism will also be extended to staff members, who will be able to offer their talents, skills and time through an Employee Volunteer Program.

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